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Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III

Estimated Retail Price: $6,999.00†

The 1Ds Mark III digital camera has proven to be a superb camera. Image quality is remarkably good and the build quality is without peer. The large file sizes give more than enough information to maintain detail even after cropping.

  • To check how to use 1Ds Mark III, download a copy of Canon 1Ds Mark III User Manual here from Canon USA support group. You must have Adobe Reader to read the full text.

If you are after extreme detail in large prints, you will find this digital camera awesomely ridiculous. However, the buttons in the back are subject to wear and accumulated dirt.

The controls are well placed and intuitive, which makes this digital camera much easier to use than its predecessor, although the AF point selector is a bit in an awkward position. Start up time is fast and processing time is reasonable, given the huge size of the files. The menu design is vastly improved and the battery life can be amazing. This digital camera also performs extremely well in different climate weather. Other than weight, cost and the AF selector, this digital camera would amaze any digital photographer.

Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III Digital Camera Features

Superb image quality: entirely new 21.1 Megapixel Full-Frame Canon CMOS Sensor, Highlight Tone Priority, and 14-bit A/D conversions for outstanding color tones.
Dual "DIGIC III" Image Processor for excellent image quality and processing speed.
Live View Function capabilities, displayed on the large 3.0-inch LCD monitor.
Outstanding durability thanks to a shutter durability-tested to 300,000 cycles, dust- and water-resistant design, and EOS Integrated Cleaning System.
Up to 5 fps, burst rate up to 12 consecutive RAW images or 56 full-resolution JPEGs, and compatible with newest UDMA high-speed CF cards.
Fast and precise AF system, with 19 high-precision, cross-type AF points with f/2.8 or faster lenses and 26 additional "Assist Points."
Compatible with wireless file transmitter WFT-E2A, extensive remote control accessories, and 15 different interchangeable Ec-series focus screens.

Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III Digital Camera Functionality

  • A New Full-Frame Performance Standard

The tremendous pixel count delivers high-resolution images of exacting precision, with Photoshop file sizes over 60MB for outstanding quality at large print sizes and post-processing cropping flexibility. Despite the higher pixel density, Canon CMOS sensor technology ensures exceptionally low noise and the widest usable ISO range* (from 50 to 3200, using ISO range extension).

  • Highlight Tone Priority

This digital camera’s unique Highlight Tone Priority feature takes full advantage of the camera's 14-bit per channel digital conversion to provide smoother gradations from the grays to the highlights and preserve greater detail in image highlight areas which is a perennial problem for digital photographers, especially those who work in bright sunlight or contrasting studio lighting. Highlight Tone Priority expands the available range of capture in the highlights, yet it exacts no penalties in either shadow detail or other aspects of image capture.

  • Advanced 14-bit A/D Conversion

Whereas most other digital cameras use 12-bit A/D (analog-to-digital) converters, the EOS-1Ds Mark III digital camera employs superior 14-bit per channel converters to process the output of the imaging sensor. In each color channel, this means there are 16,384 distinct brightness steps from the darkest to brightest tone (vs. 4,096 previously). This ensures smoother tonal transitions and more natural gradations. RAW images are recorded at the full 14 bit, and once processed will preserve the entire range of tones when opened in Photoshop's 16-bit color space.

  • "Picture Style" settings

A unique feature where photographers can recreate characteristics of their favorite films. Color, saturation, sharpness and contrast settings create noticeable variation in the saved image. In addition to six preset Picture Style settings (Standard, Portrait, Landscape, Neutral, Faithful and Monochrome), users can create three additional settings for their particular photographic style.
Picture Style settings are applied directly to JPEG images, giving tremendous flexibility to shooters who prefer the ease of JPEG files. If RAW images are processed in Canon's Digital Photo Professional software (v. 3.2 or higher) or RAW Image Task software, the versatile Picture Style settings can be modified or completely changed in the computer, without affecting the original file.

In the Philippines, Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III digital camera's price range from Php186,000 to Php 230,000 (body only).
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