Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What Is Digital Photography?

The answer to the question  What is Digital Photography? is simply explained as a form of photography where images are captured and stored electronically or as a digital file rather than light sensitive film. The image, captured thru Digital Photography, will then be ready for digital processing (corrections, sizing, cropping, etc), viewing and or printing.

Before Digital Photography, pictures were made by exposing light sensitive films. Chemicals were then added to make the image visible and printed on a photographic paper.

Digital Photography has been adopted by amateur photographers because of the convenience of sending images by emails and uploading to the Internet.

Some commercial photographers have been resistant to Digital Photography because they believe that the image quality available from a digital camera is inferior to what is available from a film camera.

In Digital Photography, the photographic film is replaced by a silicon chip which is often called a sensor. A  film is limited in the sense that every exposure results in a photograph and each barrel of film can only produce 36 images. Silicon chip sensor may produces hundreds of images which allows the convenience of  experimenting with the photos which was never possible with the film camera.

What is Digital Photography? Explained Technically

With Digital Photography, as explained earlier, the film is replaced with a light sensitive electronic device known as an image sensor. These sensors are made up of millions of photoelectric devices that convert light into an electrical signal. The strength of the electrical signal depends upon the intensity of the light that exposes the image sensor. These electrical signals are then processed through a series of complex electronic circuits and eventually stored in some type of internal or external flash memory in a standard image file format such as a JPEG file. (JPEG = Joint Photographic Experts Group). When processed by a computer these files reproduce an image which is able to be printed on photographic paper.

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