Sunday, July 17, 2011

Understanding Digital Photography With Natural Light

I have always been fascinated by the natural light and have always wanted to capture the images it create as it brings out different moods.  Digital photography may sound futuristic with fine arts. But not for a great photographer like Scott Frances.

Scott Frances has made it simple to understand Digital Photography as fine Art. As quoted from the Epoch Times:

                By Lori Harel

Frances feels his work has become “more about the quality of the light than anything else,” as he writes in his book.

When asked for a photo for this article, Frances stood by the window and opened the blinds to let natural daylight illuminate his face from the side.

Frances uses natural light and shies away from artificial lighting. “I am interested in capturing the atmosphere and the effects of nature. Whether it’s time passing or weather changing or seeing how light plays off of different surfaces, I think artificial lighting destroys that,” he said.

Similarly to layering different people from the same place, Frances layers images from the same place but with different light exposure into the final image: “In my case, my camera is on a tripod; it does not move. I am taking multiple images of the same scene.

“Because the contrast is so high, the sky is 50 times brighter than the shadow: One exposure for the sky, another for the shadow, another exposure for the mid-tones.”

While a fine arts painter creates the final image captured in his mind out of different aspects he has seen, the digital photographer takes images of his object with a multitude of light exposures and creates the final image through working with the software.

This photo was taken using natural light.  That’s my son in 2002. I used Minolta SLR and no editing software used.

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