Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What Camera Should I Buy?

The answer to the question “What camera should I buy?” depends primarily on what you want to do with the images.  There are different kinds of digital cameras available, and before you learn the difference between each one of them to narrow down your choices, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much equipment do you wish to carry around?
  • What size of digital camera are you willing to take with you?
  • What is your understanding level when it comes to photography?
  • Do you want more flexibility for creative purposes, or are you contented with simple snapshots?
  • And lastly, how much money do you have at your disposal?

To help you decide on what camera should you buy, calculate your budget first, and then decide which features of digital cameras you cannot live without. Finally, prepare yourself to make some compromises.  You might want to consider that older models and secondhand digital cameras offer superb values as well.

When choosing a digital camera, don’t be overwhelmed by the enormous features it has. You are not expected to use all of them; those features were added for marketing purposes. And before purchasing a digital camera, ensure that the model you have chosen is comfortable in your hands-very small digital cameras can be awkward for people with large hands.

Another important consideration is the menu. Make sure that the menu is user friendly, easy enough for you to read, and not too complicated.

There was once a time when we classify digital cameras by their resolution or megapixel count. However, pixel count alone no longer determines how good or versatile a digital camera is. It makes more sense to look at the features and capabilities.

Once you have answered the questions above, narrow down your choices by understanding the different kinds of digital cameras on my next post. Cheers! J

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